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How Can an Astrologer Help You?

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Astrology is an antique art which was at one point of time believed to be synonymous with astronomy. The principle of the astrology is “As above, so below its cornerstone”. The influences of the stars and planets at the time of an individual’s birth or any event on planet earth can be determined and then interpreted. But this information is not static or intractable; it is an existing, breathing, organic system. Because of this, knowledge of astrology, in the hands of a spiritual being, is positive and is like having a guidebook to create the best life you can live. Astrology helps to take correct decision in your life and also helps to choose a suitable path in your life.


Although you may have a birth chart that is nearly identical to someone else’s, if they were born at the same time, date, year, and location as yours, still you will not have identical lives. We have free will and our decisions influence our destiny. We are exceptional Souls and have an enormous ability to meld and alter the clay we have been provided in this lifetime. Astrology reveals the Soul’s Lessons and holds the key of gaining self-mastery through understanding. Knowledge truthfully is influential, and astrology opens the door to both.

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The natal chart is like a blueprint, or a cosmic grocery bag full of all the ingredients you have to work with in this life. You are the creator, the architect, or the master chef, deciding what will be the eventual creation of your life. One person may use all of the possessions in their chart up to their uppermost potential, and conceivably even exceed the potentials of their nativity, while another might only use a narrow bandwidth of their own nascent abilities. Use astrology to learn about the pros and cons of being you. Learn how to “turn up the volume” on your strong points, and “turn down the volume” or minimize your problematic zones.

Accepting the implications of your own birth chart can open up new horizons, expose hidden talents, and provide enormous insight into significant life lessons. This examination of the self is an influential step in the direction of a more integrated and peaceful life. Astrology actually brings new opinions of life. Astrologer solves many problems of life and also solves many questions about life like – Why are you like this? Why do you have to experience this? and so on. The other human science brings all sorts of explanation, such as human conditions, relationships, special events.

If you want to explain the extent to which astrology can help building of your life, you have to leave the level of scientific discussion. You will come to areas that are philosophical, even theological. Astrology can help life because it shows that you can’t experience anything that doesn’t belong to you. It also resolves the apparent disagreement between responsibility and determination, because birth is the opening of following a certain path. To follow is a responsible living. Meaning of ‘to follow’ is the path of determination.

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